Joe Biden Inauguration Provides Interesting Security Dilemma

As of press time, America is on the verge of inaugurating President Elect Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. That ceremony won’t come without much distraction. On January 6, a throng of angry Americans violently sieged the Capitol building in support of outgoing current President Donald J. Trump. The ambush of the supposedly secured federal building resulted in the death of several civilians and at least one law enforcement official. These developments sent shockwaves across America, as well as the world, as the world’s leading superpower seemed to implode in front of our own eyes.

Political leanings regarding the siege are irrelevant, as the inauguration will take place as planned tomorrow. More than 22,000 National Guard members will be on hand to secure the inaugural ceremony as Biden will be sworn into the Presidential office. However, those that participated in the Capitol siege that haven’t been arrested yet (as well as their sympathizers) won’t back away easily. Many of them feel that Biden unfairly won the 2020 Presidential election due to non counting of ballots in some states, as well as counting ineligible ballots. Regardless, Biden’s victory was verified by the Electoral College, ensuring that he will be elected into office.

The inauguration provides an interesting backdrop. Will the presence of added security ensure a smooth transition of power? That would surely defeat the cause of Capitol siege participants and their sympathizers. Many of them are armed and aren’t above assaulting anyone that’s in their way. Some of them even threatened to hang Vice President Mike Pence, calling him a traitor. These are threats that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Unfortunately, what happened on January 6 left America unprepared and placed in a precarious situation.

Anyone thinking of crashing the inauguration is committing a felony, thus going against law enforcement. That would force law enforcement to exert force usually reserved for unarmed protesters that are protesting for basic human rights (Black Lives Matter comes to mind here). But if law enforcement treats these violent protestors with restraint, that sends a message that America picks and chooses when and whom to exert brute force against. In short, law enforcement could die at the hands of the mob that wishes to overthrow all factions of government.

The most interesting aspect is that no one really knows for sure what will happen on Inauguration Day. Will the government protestors protest peacefully? Or will they savagely storm the inauguration ceremony with artillery in hand, forcing the National Guard to retaliate? January 20 will provide a script that event a reality star like President Trump couldn’t have imagined.

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