What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for Black America?

Former vice president Joe Biden became President elect Joe Biden as he defeated incumbent President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 Presidential election. It was a hotly contested election that reached its end four days after the November 3rd election after several battleground states continued to count mail in ballots.

Trump won’t go out without a fight, as the President refuses to concede the election to Biden. He plans to file several lawsuits urging recounts in states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, states that Biden either won or had a strong lead in efforts to move closer to the required 270 electoral votes to win the Presidential election.

However, the question remains what a Biden presidency means for Black America. Georgia and Pennsylvania have large Black populations, particularly in the cities of Atlanta, Georgia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many mail in ballots for Biden came from these cities, allowing Biden to forge ahead of the President in the election after he initially trailed the President in these states. It can be reasoned that Black Americans paved the road for Biden to win the election.

Biden has maintained that he will institute policies to help the Latino and LGBTQ communities. However, he hasn’t mentioned specific policies that will help the Black community. Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris vow to become an administration for all Americans. On paper that sounds extremely reasonable.

However, these are not reasonable times we’re living in. 2020 became a year that strained racial tensions between Black Americans and other ethnic groups. The consciousness brought upon America due to the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd have created a feeling of despair and hopelessness amongst Black Americans regarding their own survival. Calls to defund some American police departments have caused a nationwide stir. These calls for defunding are the result of the negligence and/or insidiousness of certain police departments that allow the wanton murder of Black Americans with impunity.

It’s time for Black America to remind Biden that he needs to enact policies that severely punish law enforcement officers that wantonly kill Black people. In addition, Black Americans should push President elect Biden to draft a bill awarding Black Americans reparations for slavery. Urging President elect Biden to address and enact policies to address the aforementioned will go a long way towards solidifying his claim as an actual President for all Americans.

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