Presidential debate debacle provides a few benefits

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participated in their first of three presidential candidate debates on September 29 in Cleveland. Their much anticipated debate sent waves of disappointment and despair amongst many Americans.

Trump and Biden used personal attacks to disparage each other, with Biden at one point telling the President to “shut up” during the debate. It wasn’t America’s proudest moment, with two septuagenarians acting like a pair of three year old children crying for their juice boxes.

The debate’s most interesting moment came when debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel asked Trump about denouncing white supremacy. This question comes in the wake of several racial equality protests across America over the past year. Trump not only refused to denounce white supremacy, he gave an order of “stand by” to the Proud Boys, an organization created to reinforce white supremacist values with the threat of deadly force.

While some may see that moment as the debate’s lowest point, it also serves as an opportunity to galvanize support for each candidate. Trump’s commitment to white supremacy provides undeniable verification that America doesn’t value all of her citizens. It also can serve as a catalyst for Americans that want to elect a candidate like Biden whose views aren’t nearly as extreme. In any event, the battle lines have been drawn, making this presidential campaign one of the more polarizing campaigns we have ever seen.

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