Symbolic nomination not enough in Presidential election

The suspense is over. Presidential candidate Joe Biden has chosen his running mate in his quest for the White House. He has selected California junior governor Kamala Harris as his running mate in the upcoming Presidential election against incumbent Donald Trump on November 3.

Harris began her own campaign for the presidency in January 2019 before ending her bid later that year due to insufficient funding. There was some apparent bad blood between Biden and Harris during a June 2019 Democratic presidential candidate debate. Harris prefaced her statement with “I know Joe Biden isn’t racist.” She then criticized the former vice president to President Barack Obama of opposing a 1970s busing program that would prevented her from attending racially segregated schools. Harris made it personal by saying “That little girl was me”. It was a moment meant to pull at the heartstrings of America’s psyche.

Whether or not that was accomplished is irrelevant now. Harris becomes the first black woman to run for vice president within the two major political parties. Such a symbolic gesture isn’t enough in current society. Barack Obama became the first black man to become President in 2008. Yet black Americans were being wantonly killed at the hands of law enforcement and private citizens with impunity during the Obama administration.

A premium has been placed on going out to vote. However, getting out to vote makes no difference if the candidates don’t stand on a platform worth voting for. The Biden/Harris ticket has refused to grant reparations to the descendants of black American slaves. Black America sees that as a collective disrespectful slap in the face.

The Biden/Harris ticket is pro law enforcement, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The question now remains what is their stance on prosecuting cops that wantonly kill private citizens? As of this writing, the Louisville police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor have not been charged. And accountability is nowhere near enough. These cops need to be charged, convicted, and sentenced to either lengthy prison sentences or the death penalty.

There needs to be a standard set that officers will be punished for wantonly killing private citizens. It will be interesting to hear how the Biden/Harris ticket responds to this particular concern.

But I digress. The 2020 election, like any other election, is about core values. Americans vote based on personal interests. Whichever candidate vows to give tangibles to a particular voting block will receive that block’s vote. Voting Biden/Harris because Harris is black is not nearly enough. Where does this ticket stand on the issues that matter most is enough. Black America has less than three months to find out.

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