Forgiveness just isn’t enough

It appears the ultimate resolution has been reached in the saga of Amy and Christian Cooper (no relation). Calls to penalize citizens that misuse the 911 system have been long overdue. It appears that incidents like this will finally result in harsh punishment and eventual deterrent from future incidents. Right? Wrong!

Yes, charges were brought against Amy Cooper for her part in the incident involving Christian Cooper. Those charges won’t be pursued because of non cooperation with the investigation. Ironically that non cooperation isn’t coming from Amy Cooper. It is coming from Christian Cooper.

Christian Cooper has decided that Amy Cooper has suffered enough embarrassment through social media backlash and loss of employment. He has decided to forgive her and wants to move on without prosecuting her for misusing the 911 system.

This piece isn’t about to discuss whether or not anyone should forgive anyone else because that isn’t the issue. Forgiveness is an intangible entity that only soothes your psyche. It’s the aftermath of forgiveness that becomes the only issue of importance. By not pushing for consequences, Christian is letting Amy off the hook when she was actually trying to get Christian not only arrested, but possibly lynched by the New York Police Department (let’s not pretend like that isn’t a possibility).

Forgiveness and stiff consequences are not mutually exclusive. I can forgive someone’s transgressions against me after they’ve been properly punished. Christian Cooper’s threshold to forgive is infinitely higher than anyone could imagine. This incident could serve as a guideline for future incidents, as no one can say something like this won’t happen again?

Laws that punish abusers of the 911 system for non emergency incidents exist as a deterrent from these incidents happening again. While Christian Cooper is within his rights to forgive, let’s hope his stance won’t serve as the catalyst for future incidents.

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