Don’t Let Terry Crews Misconstrue Black Lives Matter Movement

In the metaphorical sense, actor Terry Crews has built a large platform for himself based on his roles in television series like “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, as well as movies like “The Expendables” and “Blended”. His current role on “America’s Got Talent” has solidified his platform, creating extensive influence over issues of the day.

Crews has maintained that he would like to see people of all races and creeds unite amidst current protests for racial equality. In theory, that would be wonderful. Crews loses credibility when he also opines that “black lives matter” shouldn’t mean “black lives better”. It’s the same dismissive jargon that can be equated to “All Lives Matter”.

Let’s break this down. It’s understood that “All Lives Matter” in theory. But if the focus is on one particular group whose members are dying at the hands of law enforcement with impunity, the “All Lives Matter” theory is null and void. That’s because no one should be wantonly killed at the hands of law enforcement with impunity.

Crews also sent this tweet offering his opinion on defeating white supremacy. The tweet begs this question: what does black supremacy look like? I’m sure that Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, and other black citizens who have died at the hands of law enforcement or law enforcement sympathizers would have loved the answer to that question.

We can take what Crews says with a grain of salt. After all, this is the man who had a male producer grab his crotch in 2016 and didn’t physically retaliate against him. Making matters worse, Crews’ wife was present during the incident. Crews is a muscular 240 pounds. The incident makes one wonder how did this environment become so comfortable to the point where one man can grab another man’s testicles at a function in front of his wife and there not be some sort of physical altercation?

But I digress. Crews is certainly entitled to his opinion. It’s up to society to decide how to move forward with it.

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