America isn’t serious about solving her “Cry Wolf” issues

A common theme in American society focuses on American civilians calling 911 on other American civilians for non essential reasons. A more accurate description would be white civilians calling 911 on black civilians who are performing ordinary tasks like…..lawfully enjoying a swim at a hotel, or children selling water on a hot day.

Neither of the incidents can be described as dangerous, life threatening incidents that warranted involving law enforcement. Quite frankly, the fact that these incidents, along with many others, are reoccurring in a constant fashion is appalling. Those that call 911 for such trivial matters have nothing else better to do than take it upon themselves to embark on a crusade to end what they see as wanton lawlessness.

These 911 calls are blatant misuse of the 911 system, as law enforcement should have much bigger “crimes” to tend to than the ones mentioned in the links above. This can be referred to as the “cry wolf” syndrome, calling 911 to investigate dangerous situations where none actually exist.

Technology has put these 911 abusers on blast, earning them virtual scorn, ridicule, and job loss in some cases due to social media exposure. Unfortunately, none of them have earned any jail time, as calling 911 for non emergency situations is classified as a misdemeanor in some states.

But the most interesting aspect is the handling of these incidents by law enforcement that are directly involved in these incidents . They can go through the process of their investigation of these incidents. But when these incidents reveal no wrongdoing by the accused, law enforcement on the scene should arrest the 911 caller on the spot for making a false claim in a non emergency situation.

Shouldn’t law enforcement be indignant for having to tend to 911 calls focusing on either the mundane or ridiculous circumstances? Society stresses law enforcement using their resources for real emergencies, but are silent when these particular incidents reach a resolution exonerating the supposed perpetrators. Arresting the callers is never mentioned, and life goes on as usual. Therefore, there’s no deterrent for these calls. As time has proven, until those empowered to enforce the laws that governs all citizens actually does so, these incidents will remain common practice.

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