Linking George Soros to George Floyd’s death misses the entire point of civil unrest

Hungarian born billionaire George Soros is known worldwide for donating his vast wealth for humanitarian causes and groups. His generosity towards what some consider to be liberal causes has caused a political firestorm with conservative leaning American pundits. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani linked Soros to Antifa, an entity known for using violent tactics to combat conservative (read: right leaning) protests.

Soros has also donated to the causes of Black Lives Matter, a rallying cry that has been used to galvanize support for George Floyd, the Minneapolis man killed while in the custody of four former Minneapolis police officers on May 25.

Black Lives Matter is not an organization fully operated by Mr. Soros. It was a hashtag created years ago in protest of the myriad of unarmed black citizens wantonly killed mostly by police. Furthering the movement was the impunity these officers received after their misdeeds in the forms of either acquittal at trial, or not having charges filed charges at all. BLM is more of a nationwide movement than an entity that can be specifically linked to Mr. Soros.

There has even been accusations by law enforcement officials outside of Minneapolis that maintain that Soros had some part in Mr. Floyd’s death. This particular account breaks down the interaction between Floyd and the four former officers that infamous day. These are desperate and despicable attempts to politicize Mr. Floyd’s death during a time where America needs to actually unite to squash civil unrest.

That’s the real reason behind linking Mr. Floyd’s death to George Soros. Black Americans have been participating in peaceful protests for generations, yet are still being wantonly killed by police. It should be noted that Minneapolis District Attorney Mike Freeman took several days to charge former police officer Derek Chauvin for keeping his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes after Mr. Floyd said he couldn’t breathe.  It was only when peaceful protests were replaced by a civil uprising supported by looting and riots did Freeman eventually charge Chauvin and the other three officers with second degree murder. And that took place more than a week after Mr. Floyd’s murder.

Linking Mr. Soros to Mr. Floyd’s murder is foolish because it detracts from the real impetus of these protests, peaceful or otherwise. These four former officers need to be convicted and properly punished for their roles in Mr. Floyd’s murder. This case needs to serve as an example to prevent similar situations in the future. Only then will the civil rest subside.



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