An example of a defense attorney reaching for the outrageous

The impending trial of the four former Minneapolis police officers accused of second degree murder for the death of George Floyd on May 25. One of those officers, Thomas Lane, is being charged as an accessory to Mr. Floyd’s murder. Lane allegedly held down Mr. Floyd’s legs while former officer Derek Chauvin used his left knee to apply pressure to a prone Mr. Floyd’s neck, resulting in Mr. Floyd losing consciousness and his eventual death.

Defense attorney Earl Gray will represent Lane during his trial. Defense attorneys use every tactic in the book to secure acquittal for their clients. Mr. Floyd’s not so pristine background and the theory that he resisted arrest will be two of the most obvious factions that Gray and his team will use. Those factors shouldn’t be considered because the video shows that Mr. Floyd was in total submission and compliance after he was apprehended. He was prone on his stomach, saying he couldn’t breathe, and even called out for his deceased mother in desperation, which are hardly factors of resistance.

Mr. Floyd has a detailed criminal past, and was trying to resurrect his life by moving to Minneapolis. He had paid his debt to society, and despite his past, nothing he had done constituted his death at the hands of those four former officers. And to those that claim that’s Mr. Floyd’s “karma” for his misdeeds, expect society to have that same karmic energy if tragedy befalls your life in some way.

Let’s digress for a moment. Gray describes himself on his website as “not your average cup of tea”. Apparently, the ingredients of his tea contain logic that dictate that the public should have intervened and taken Chauvin off of Mr. Floyd’s neck instead of Lane or the other two former officers at the scene. America prides herself on law and order and mandating her citizens not resist the police in any fashion. Civilians physically laying hands on a law enforcement official is the ultimate in resistance.

It also never appeared to Gray that law enforcement could use the “I feared for my life” mantra and fatally shoot citizens that lay their hands on them for any reason. Time has proven that citizens have been killed by police for acts far less critical than resisting police. To suggest that anyone other than law enforcement should have physically restrained Chauvin on that day gives law enforcement all the literal and metaphorical ammunition necessary to shoot and eliminate the “threat” of the unarmed civilians.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Gray would resort to such a claim. Defense attorneys are paid good money to mount defenses of their client, regardless of how ludicrous they sound. It will be interesting to see how much credence will be given to the civilian restraint theory when Lane’s day of reckoning in court comes.

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