The George Floyd riots reduce law enforcement to sympathetic figures

Law enforcement is one of the toughest careers anyone could ever imagine. Thousands of men and women go through vigorous physical and mental training in their efforts to realize their dreams of becoming a police officer. After completing basic training, these men and women earn the title of police officer, taking an oath swearing to serve and protect their respective communities.

In an utopian world, society would see all police officers as beacons of their communities. Examples of their good deeds are helping stray cats out of trees, helping elderly women cross the streets, returning lost children to their parents, or thwarting all evil deeds to ensure collective community safety.

Reality has usurped those beliefs with several high profile civilian deaths at the hands of law enforcement in recent years. The George Floyd murder by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is the latest chapter exacerbating the strained relationship between law enforcement and, most notably, Black Americans. The results have been explosive, as looters and rioters have wrecked havoc on Minneapolis and other cities across America.

Mandatory curfews issued by mayors across America have gone unheeded, as even peaceful protestors have defied the mandates by continuous marching in the streets. Law enforcement are armed with guns, nightsticks, plastic shields and helmets, bullet proof vests, and even tear gas as means of self protection and controlled mobilization of protestors. The ominous presence of a law enforcement officer used to be enough to gain complete compliance from whoever is in their crosshairs. Their presence seems to be no deterrent to some protestors or rioters, as some of them have pushed back at law enforcement in unmitigated defiance of their authority.  Considering the artillery law enforcement has at their disposal,  resisting their commands proves to be a foolish move resulting in death for those that want to try.

As unfortunate as the current plight of law enforcement is, American sympathy for law enforcement isn’t unanimous. The seeds of distrust and contempt some Americans have for law enforcement was established long ago. High profile incidents involving current and former law enforcement officers Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo, Jeronimo Yanez, Betty Shelby, Mohammed Noor, Timothy Loehmann, and countless others have galvanized and reaffirmed the esteem some Americans have for law enforcement while breeding contempt from other Americans.

The current chaos America is experiencing could have been avoided if Chauvin would have not compressed his knee into Floyd’s neck to the brink of death. Floyd could have been apprehended without losing his life. But that didn’t happen, which prompted a combustible response from the masses that are weary of seeing people wantonly die at the behest of law enforcement, and demand that Chauvin and the three other officers involved incur sever consequences.

It’s true that Chauvin was the only one physically responsible for Floyd’s death. America currently resembles a war zone, and sadly there are innocent casualties that pay the price for war. Hopefully the former officers responsible for Floyd’s death face severe consequences to the point where incidents like this are few and far between in the future.



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