America is at war……with herself

The calls for calm and peaceful protests are becoming more prevalent in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Protestors from all shades of life are uniting together across America with signs and various chants to not only honor Floyd’s memory, but to call for the United States of America to become the United States of America.

Unfortunately, we’ve been here before.  Outraged Americans continue the seemingly endless cycle of marches, chants, signs, and prayers that have only produced empty promises for police reform, sensitivity training, and the like. Meanwhile, there’s no deterrent for police officers to cease killing unarmed black citizens because history has proven these officers will eventually receive impunity for their actions.

The George Floyd murder has brought America to her boiling point. Television news programs are led with images of violent protests and looting so unbelievable that everything looks like you’re watching a science fiction film documenting some futuristic wasteland. It’s easy to forget that the violent protestors and looters are American citizens, trying to avoid prosecution at the hands of American agencies like local law enforcement, as well as the local national guard.

The distinction must be made between the peaceful protestors and those who are looking for opportunities to cause mischief. It doesn’t really matter if that distinction is made here because nothing should detract from the root causes for everything that’s happening now. The murder of Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. The flimsy charge of third degree murder against Chauvin. The fact that the other three officers involved, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, have not been charged in Floyd’s murder. All this play significant roles in the chaos America is experiencing now.

Cities across America have imposed curfews for their citizens. But those curfews are no deterrent to the protestors and rioters, as they scoff at these curfews without fear of prosecution. America will likely reach Day 7 of protests and riots as of press time. Allocating manpower (no misogynistic reference implied) in the forms of extra law enforcement and national guards can get expensive if the government hasn’t created a budget to sustain a concerted effort to diffuse the chaos.

In addition, industrial and personal property damage could reach in the high hundred millions, if not billions of dollars. That doesn’t matter to American leaders, as their personal assets are protected. But it does matter to ordinary citizens, who have to incur loss of business and income due to the riots. It could be a horrible blow to struggling businesses trying to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic that’s still going on.

That seems to be of little concern now, as America is now at war with herself. The impending Chauvin case presents America with her day of reckoning. Either America’s entrusted leaders obey the commands of protestors to end the wanton killing of unarmed black citizens, or civil unrest will continue. Those on the sidelines watching everything unfold hope the greatest country in the world makes the right decision or faces implosion before our very eyes.

One thought on “America is at war……with herself

  1. You can replace merchandise. You can’t replace human life. Two viruses are ravaging America now(one since time began)- Coronavirus and racism. Violence and looting are wrong, but it sends a message to those in powers of command and authority: We’re sick of this shit. Now do we have your attention?


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