The NFL won’t even let the pandemic stop them

Sports fans across the world are in need of some sort of diversion from the current uncertainty caused by COVID-19, which has either interrupted or postponed most professional and collegiate sports activities. The Korean Baseball Championship League (currently known as the KBO) is the only league currently playing live games. It’ll be interesting to see the early television ratings of these KBO games, as they’re broadcasted around 1am Eastern time.

Meanwhile, the NFL seems to be unfazed by the pandemic. The NFL draft was held as scheduled, broadcasting draftee reactions virtually from their homes instead of in Las Vegas, as previously scheduled. As of press time, the 2020 NFL season will start as scheduled. On Thursday, the NFL Network will broadcast its schedule release show. In addition, as of press time, there’s been no talk of shortening the season.

The only significant change will be a dramatic drop in attendance to NFL games, as social distancing guidelines will surely be enforced. There’s been no mention of how the league will protect the players from contracting and spreading the virus.  Sadly, most NFL fans won’t care about that, as long as nothing interferes with their autumn Sunday ritual of watching NFL football.


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