Will COVID-19 unite America after the pandemic?

COVID-19 has elicited a myriad of emotions from many Americans: with fear, anxiety, and heartbreak among the most prevalent. As of a few weeks ago, 95 percent of America is under a stay at home edict, which enables most of us to consume almost non stop media coverage of our navigation of our “new normal”.

Television media focuses mostly on the devastation of COVID-19. To a lesser degree, media focuses on the recoveries of COVID-19 patients in an effort to convey messages of hope that we can overcome the virus. During this crisis, it’s the inspirational stories that are the most notable. We have seen several stories of essential employees and average citizens helping either COVID-19 patients or citizens that have become unemployed during this pandemic. The nobility of these acts and these people are unquestioned.

Societal interest will be in how we move forward when we experience the pandemic’s aftermath. Will there be an appreciation for the dedication of these essential employees and what they do? More interest will be in how we treat each other. COVID-19 has forced us to exhibit this trait during the pandemic. The pandemic is reminiscent of America after the September 11 terrorist attacks, where patriotism, caring about the welfare of your fellow Americans, and affording basic humanity towards other human beings was at an all time high…..for a few weeks at least.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to take a good look at ourselves. We see who we really are during a crisis. But the biggest barometer is how we govern ourselves  after the pandemic,  when society returns to some sense of normalcy.


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