COVID-19 protests provide the opportunity to show and prove

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered society into a way of life that we should be used to by now. Social distancing, no gatherings of ten or more, as well as stay at home edicts administered by state governors are the new normal. These edicts have angered some Americans to the point of staging protests outside federal buildings in their respective states.

Residents in Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Florida have organized protests demanding that their respective governors relax social distancing and stay at home guidelines so that they can return to work. Protestors maintain that stay at home orders infringe on their freedom to work and travel. Some protestors even maintain that COVID-19 coverage is overblown. There are even some that feel the pandemic is a hoax constructed as some sort of political strategy.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is currently regarded as one of the utmost authorities on infectious diseases. Dr. Fauci has maintained that relaxing social distancing guidelines within the next month would be premature. That bit of advice means nothing to protestors, who are more interested in retaining their freedom to work and move about than possibly contracting and spreading COVID-19  to others. This is the proverbial “Give me liberty or give me death!” mantra espoused by Patrick Henry.

There are even some protestors borrowing the famous quote to further their cause. The biggest difference is Henry made his famous statement while fighting for British liberation. These protestors are protesting their own government over the inconvenience of their lives being reduced to temporary home confinement. If protestors are willing to die for their right to defy government edicts that are trying to protect them from COVID-19, then it’s a ledge that no one can pry them off of If they contract COVID-19, they shouldn’t expect already overburdened local medical personnel to administer aid to them.

The day of reckoning is coming, because the pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon. Protestors can either heed the stay at home guidelines, or they can continue to protest and increase their chances of COVID-19 infection and transmission to others.  If that occurs, America will see if these protestors receive their liberties….or their demise.



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