This protocol should always be followed against coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed planet Earth on lockdown, with over 90 percent of the United States placed under shelter in place restrictions. These restrictions have forced society to stay indoors, leaving only for grocery store runs, doctor appointments, prescription pickups, as well as essential work functions. We also monitor local and national news outlets in the hopes that we’ll receive information that will allow us to return to some sort of normalcy sometime soon.

That’s where things get a little tricky. Claims have been made that President Donald Trump has sole authority to open up the country for domestic and foreign trade. Those claims are false. Opening up individual states in an effort to return to normalcy is the responsibility of each governor. This isn’t a time to bring up American liberties as a reason to lift all shelter in place restrictions. COVID-19 cares nothing about anyone’s liberties. It’s all about slowing the spread of the virus.

There have been reports that the virus is airborne and can be transmitted from your shoes. Reports have surfaced where the virus will claim 200,000 lives by mid summer. Now that number has been reduced to 60,000. No one really knows the devastation that could be on the horizon if our elected leaders hastily lift all sheltering restrictions.

We’ve all heard the guidelines to make this possible: practice social distancing of six feet per person. Wearing masks and gloves, thorough hand washing, and using hand sanitizer are also part of these guidelines. Maybe we could all purchase multiple hazmat suits that cover us from head to toe and immediately take them off before we enter our homes.

The hazmat idea is unreasonable and unrealistic for a variety of reasons. The only protocol to follow during this pandemic is quite simple: using common sense. Staying at home is essential to prevent further spread of the virus. But if you need to go out for essentials, following established guidelines is absolutely imperative. And those that willingly defy the guidelines and act recklessly around others should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This pandemic has caused a lot of pain, suffering, uncertainty, and to a lesser degree, inconvenience. But if we all exhibit common sense, follow social distancing guidelines, and protect ourselves and the vulnerable, we can all get through this together.



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