Washington Redskins should exercise patience in the Trent Williams saga

It’s no secret that the Washington Redskins and left tackle Trent Williams are headed towards an acrimonious separation. It can be reasoned that if your franchise’s best player is an offensive lineman, your franchise is in trouble. That distinction is usually reserved for offensive skill positions like quarterback, wide receiver, or running back. Honorable mention can also be given to defensive players like pass rushing defensive ends and linebackers, or cornerbacks with great coverage skills.

The Redskins don’t subscribe to that mantra. Their best player is Williams, a seven time Pro Bowl selection. Williams’ relationship with the organization soured last season when Washington’s medical staff did not adequately treat a cancerous growth on the lineman’s scalp before the 2019 season. Williams’ mistrust of the Redskins’ medical staff resulted in the tackle sitting out the entire 2019 season. It also resulted in Williams vowing never to play for the Redskins again.

That’s good news for teams searching for a tackle of Williams’ caliber. The question is what kind of compensation would the Redskins demand to trade Williams? Their asking price can’t be too outlandish, as Williams is 31 years old and hasn’t played a full season since 2013. Finding a suitable trade partner will be a challenge for Redskins’ head coach Ron Rivera, as Washington wouldn’t want to release Williams without anything in return.

As painful as it’ll be for the Redskins and Williams to separate, it’s the best thing for both parties. Williams needs a fresh start with a new team while Washington rebuilds its roster. It’ll be difficult to replace Williams, as All Pro left tackles aren’t easy to come by. Using the second pick in the NFL draft on a blue chip tackle isn’t feasible, as there aren’t any tackles worthy of such a high selection. Nevertheless, the Trent Williams’ era is over in Washington. Who the Redskins find to replace him at left tackle certainly bears watching in the coming weeks.



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