Coronavirus will teach the world this important virtue

COVID-19, or coronavirus, is believed to have originated in Wuhan Province, China. It is believed that an employee at an unnamed restaurant came in contact with a bat during food preparation, came in contact with the rat’s blood, and rubbed their face, thus infecting themselves with coronavirus.

Coronavirus was not the main focus of the world a few weeks ago, as it was only limited to exposure in China. As of press time, there are over 181,000 coronavirus cases worldwide. This includes over 4,100 confirmed cases in the United States, along with 74 fatalities. This is a fast spreading virus that has no known cure. President Donald Trump initially said the virus would pass in his efforts to calm the American people. However, medical experts predict that coronavirus’ presence in America hasn’t yet spiked, sending waves of fear and paranoia throughout the country.

Coronavirus is currently playing a vital role in our daily lifestyle. In America, schools are closed indefinitely, affecting 32 million children. On March 16th, the Dow Jones fell nearly 3,000 points, its largest drop in history.  People are in survival mode, scrambling to purchase water, canned goods, and a large amount of toilet paper.

Recommendations have been made to limit public gatherings from less than 250 people to 50 people. President Trump suggested that the number of people in a public gathering be lowered to ten people.  The city of Palm Beach, Florida (the President’s part time residence) will enforce a 9pm to 5am daily curfew for its residents.  Restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago will close at 8pm while not allowing patrons to dine in. Many employees in various industries will be forced to work from home, while others will miss work (and income) altogether.

Americans won’t even have the escape of team sports to rely on either, The NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball have postponed all of their games and spring training activities until further notice. The NCAA’s basketball tournament (nicknamed “March Madness”) was canceled. The Masters’ golf tournament, annually scheduled for late April, was postponed. The aforementioned postponements and cancellations will cost each league billions of dollars.

Coronavirus has severely crippled the world, taking away our collective feelings of freedom and security. The virus will force the planet to exhibit one virtue: humility. We must realize that life as we know it will never be the same. Going to restaurants, movie theaters, and the gym to work out are outings that many take for granted. Coronavirus has put life on hold, forcing the world to take a collective look in the mirror to consider what’s next….if there actually is a what’s next.

Coronavirus is to be taken seriously. Humanity must take steps to wash its collective hands and exhibit sanitary practices (covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze) to limit coronavirus spread.  Because it’s a matter of life and death.

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