Washington Redskins stand pat as trade deadline passes

Photo Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America

The NFL trade deadline provided the perfect opportunity for the Washington Redskins to address deficiencies at key positions. Two positions that come to mind are running back and wide receiver. The Redskins have struggled so badly at these skill positions that third down back Chris Thompson leads Washington in rushing and receiving yards.

This isn’t to disparage Thompson by any means. He has proven to be worth the two year extension he signed before this season started. However, Washington has other players that were supposed to solidify the offense, namely wide receivers Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson, as well as running back Samaje Perine. That hasn’t materialized, as Pryor, Doctson, and Perine have had their own individual issues with ball security.

Excessive dropped passes and fumbles have plagued the aforementioned players. These are issues that reduce a quarterback and head coach’s confidence in certain players.

Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver Jarvis Landry was rumored to be on the trading block. The Redskins know about Landry’s game breaking ability. He returned a punt for a touchdown that helped Miami beat Washington in their 2015 season opener 17-10. That season, Landry caught 110 passes for 1,157 yards. On their current 2017 pace, the Redskins’ top wide receivers will be hard pressed to reach that total collectively.

Jay Ajayi.jpg

Photo Source: Clive Rose/Getty Images Europe

In a surprising move, the Dolphins traded running back Jay Ajayi (above, carrying football) to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2018 fourth round pick. Ajayi rushed for 1,260 yards for Miami last season while averaging close to five yards per carry. Word from Miami is that Ajayi didn’t get along with teammates and coaches,  making him expendable.

There’s no word of Redskins’ running back Robert Kelley not getting along with his teammates. In contrast to Ajayi’s production in Miami, Kelley lead Washington with only 708 yards rushing last season. Kelley missed two games this season with a rib and foot injury, as he has yet to solidify himself as Washington’s starter.

Landry and Ajayi could have helped Washington considerably. The Redskins were justified in standing pat and not trading for them. Washington has a history of trading draft picks for some veteran players that have severely underachieved. It’s best to build a franchise through the draft, as young players can learn and grow within a particular system. The current Redskins’ roster is devoid of consistent offensive playmakers, which makes a trade impossible.

Washington will continue their season with their current crops of players in the hopes that they will develop the chemistry and cohesion necessary to become a good team.

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